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Lenovo Is Building Servers To Obtain A Larger Share Of The Cloud Market

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Lenovo-Is-Building-Servers-To-Obtain-A-Larger-Share-Of-The-Cloud-Market-300x129 Lenovo Is Building Servers To Obtain A Larger Share Of The Cloud MarketMany organizations are asking for cloud-based workload specific hardware from vendors as the cloud keep transforming both on premise and off-premise data centers and servers. Lenovo is putting the effort in order to offer custom build converged servers for specific tasks in search for a larger share of the same market. At the same time, the company is also looking for opportunities with unconventional hardware for large-scale customers.


While own servers for mega-data centers are been designed by companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook which are designed to handle company specific workloads such as recognizing people and objects in photographs and responding to search results. With software stacks tuned to the hardware the converged servers are tightly integrated systems. And for applications like SAP HANA and Oracle, Dell Technologies and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises are already building their servers.


But Dell Technologies getting larger with EMC acquisition and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise getting smaller detaching from its software unit both are going through big changes and Lenovo is utilizing this huge opportunity to the fullest. The cloud is defining the way the company is going to build the servers in the coming times said, Peter Hortensius, CTO and head of the strategy of Lenovo’s Data Center Group.