Lenovo’s New SSD Board Might Contain 48 TB Plus Storage

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Lenovo’s-new-SSD-board-might-contain-48-TB-plus-storage-300x129 Lenovo’s New SSD Board Might Contain 48 TB Plus StorageAn SSD with a huge 48 TB storage board is being developed by Lenovo and the company is targeting to launch it 2nd quarter next year. A collection of high capacity SSDs is basically what the board consists of. The idea is to efficiently use more SSDs onto computer slots rather than using individual drives. Once manufactured this beast from Lenovo will be the highest capacity SSD in the market even higher than Samsung’s PM1633A SSD which will take the same space as the Lenovo’s SSD i.e. two 2.5 inch storage drives.


This SSD from Lenovo is a part of a program called as Project Spark and companies like Toshiba, Amphenol, Seagate and NxGn Data are providing aid to Lenovo. At the flash Memory summit in Santa Clara, CA a DRAM with a 6 GB of capacity was displayed with an early prototype of Lenovo’s SSD. Jonathan Hinkle, senior researcher at Lenovo said in a statement that the SSD targeted at servers running analytics and database-like applications and not at PC market. he also mentioned that depending upon the design and chip type it might be possible to add more than 48 TB capacity on these boards that the company is testing for performance and power consumption.