Leveraging IoT & AR tech to Boost Product Marketing

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Leveraging-IoT-AR-tech-to-Boost-Product-Marketing Leveraging IoT & AR tech to Boost Product MarketingAugmented reality (AR) is a way of creating an interactive experience of the real-world environment by augmenting the objects that reside in the real-world by computer-generated perceptual information, creating visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory sensory feedback. The AR tech has immense potential in the marketing industry. Both IoT and AR techs can together be put to great use to generate user insights that can help marketers plan their product strategies and enhance customers’ product experiences.

In today’s age of competition, with companies trying to outperform their competitors to attain market dominance, AR can act as a catalyst that can help companies penetrate deep into masses, providing their product an expanded reach. Furthermore, integrating AR with the Internet of Things (IoT) data allows companies to better demonstrate their services to consumers, improving the way they target specific demographics.

As IoT sensor tech gathers real-world information, it can be further integrated with AR to create a unique and intuitive experience for customers. A simple example of this AR-IoT integration is Location-based services. Apps like Wikitude help customers to locate what they’re looking for, to create a better purchase experience for them, by gathering IoT data.

Another example is Choice and experience-based services. AR & IoT can both be used by interior designers, architects, and consumers alike to reimagine building spaces. Consumers can use this technology integration to see how their new furniture will look or fit in the living room, or what color clothing will suit best on them.