Lexalytics Profoundly Streamlining The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Market Research

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Lexalytics-Profoundly-Streamlining-The-Pharmaceutical-Industry’s-Market-Research-300x129 Lexalytics Profoundly Streamlining The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Market ResearchThe availability of the Pharmaceutical Industry pack, made keeping in mind the specific need of a voice of customer, market research, customer experience management, and social media marketing is announced by a leader in cloud and on-premise test analytics solution. The Pharmaceutical Industry Pack helps pharmaceutical companies in gaining perceptions conditions, the co-occurrence of medicine and symptoms leveraging Lexalytic’s industry leading Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technology to understand a human’s capability to understand the sentiment and meaning of a test document.


The pack will also disclose if patients are being a medication for off-label symptoms prescribed if a certain dose of a certain medicine has any positive effect on the patient. Jeff Catlin, CEO, Lexalytics mentioned in a comment that the customers in the industry are swamped unstructured data from news media, survey and social media conversations and are looking forward to finding a way to make sense of it all.


We are motivated to radically streamline the works of customer experience manager, market researchers, social marketers and voice of customer pros with the Pharmaceutical Industry Pack.


Ryan Arnolds, VP of medical Affairs at Sage Therapeutics said, to gain valuable perceptions Lexalytics helps us to shift through thousands of comments from medical professionals. The specific trends that we otherwise have missed can now be found with the Pharmaceutical industry pack.