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Lifestage The New Standalone App For Teenagers From Facebook

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Lifestage-The-New-Standalone-App-For-Teenagers-From-Facebook-300x129 Lifestage The New Standalone App For Teenagers From FacebookTo pull subtle younger users to its site Facebook is trying to tackle one of its biggest problems. Lifestage a new stand-alone app from the social media giant has been released for iOS targeting the younger school-going users to share videos with other people in their school. This release is a direct competitor to Snapchat and a very early stage of using Facebook.


Users have to be between the ages of 13 to 21 to use this app is the only condition. Users over the age of 21 can’t be found by other users and neither can the 21 years above users find anyone. Lifestage is similar to Facebook at its launch in 2004. The Facebook grew from where it was targeted, help college students connect initially to the general population. Lifestage is focused on what the 2016 way of teens sharing mantra is, video. Lifestage is been tested as a standalone app by Facebook. Once 20 students from one school download it the app will become fully functional.


With the Instagram acquisition, Masquerade acquisition and Facebook live creation are the other events where Facebook tried to target younger users. The company hasn’t seen any dramatic improvement in the number of younger users despite getting the attention of the teens.