Linaro: Horizon Robotics now a Steering Committee Member at 96Boards

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Linaro-Horizon-Robotics-now-a-Steering-Committee-Member-at-96Boards Linaro: Horizon Robotics now a Steering Committee Member at 96BoardsLinaro Ltd, the engineering organization that utilizes open-source kernel software for the Arm® ecosystem, in a recent press release statement on Thursday, Mar. 28th 2019, announced the joining of Horizon Robotics, an AI-optimized leading edge platform provider, to the 96Boards initiative as a member of the Steering Committee.

Horizon Robotics, which was founded in 2015, has focused all its efforts on providing integrated and open embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions offering high performance at low power consumption and cost. In 2017, Horizon Robotics unveiled “Journey and Sunrise” – the leading Brain Processing Unit (BPU) based, proprietary Gauss-architecture embedded AI computer vision processors, in the world.

The 96Boards Steering Committee offers a neutral forum within which the start-up [Horizon Robotics] can collaborate with other AI 96Boards partners. 96Boards is an initiative by Linaro to organize and unite the whole software and hardware community across low-cost development boards under a single banner.

“Through participation of the 96Boards Steering Committee, we are further accelerating the pace of research & development and commercialization,” commented Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics. “By partnering with members of 96Boards in the AI field, we hope to strengthen the “AI On Horizon” ecosystem business model, enabling system integrators and industry solution providers to actively participate in the evolution of smart city, smart retail, smart robotics, autonomous driving, and other important fields. Together with other 96Boards ecosystem partners, Horizon Robotics ushers in the era of artificial intelligence.”

“Horizon Robotics brings a wealth of experience and expertise in AI and automotive to the 96Boards Steering Committee,” said Yang Zhang, Director of 96Boards. “We believe their involvement will further help accelerate adoption of a heterogeneous computing platform, offering choice and stimulating innovation in ADAS and Autonomous Driving spaces from silicon, system, algorithms, and applications.”