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LinkedIn Incorporates Learning Courses Into Its System

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LinkedIn-Incorporates-Learning-Courses-Into-Its-System-300x129 LinkedIn Incorporates Learning Courses Into Its SystemOver 9,000 online training courses in Lynda.com has been incorporated into the main service of LinkedIn and contents lacking prominence has been restored. The idea of this move started about 18 months earlier when the social media company acquired training site for $1.5 billion. All the LinkedIn premium subscribers now have access to the Learnings and the company is also planning on introducing these Learnings into the enterprises as a result of which the employees will have access to the ocean of courses and training materials. At the new San Francisco office of the company Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn said the company has the vision to create an economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.


For the LinkedIn users, the LinkedIn Learning is a new offering designed to create more value. The company’s desktop site now has a lot resemblance with the mobile app. Amy Parnell, the company’s senior director of user experience design said the new website is less cluttered and provide an easy access to the contents that the company provides but will not be available until the end of this year. In order to get the users engaged the platform has to be clutter free and the things that matters need to be focused on is what we learned from LinkedIn mobile app she added.