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Linux Flaw Being Exploited By Hackers

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Linux-Flaw-Being-Exploited-By-Hackers-300x129 Linux Flaw Being Exploited By HackersAn escalation vulnerability is already been exploited and possesses a serious risk to the servers running the operating system is what Linux distributors are rushing to patch. For the past nine years, the vulnerability known as CVE-2016-5195 has existed in the kernel of the Linux operating system. Which mean embedded devices, computers, routers, servers and hardware applications where the kernel was installed will be affected. In the way, the Linux kernel’s memory subsystem manages the COW (Copy-On-Write) breakage of private read-only memory mappings, the Red Hat security team describes this flaw as ‘race condition’. This, in turn,allow the hacker with a limited user account access can take control of the complete system.


The Linux Kernel developers are developing patches for distribution including Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian, and Suse. Some of these patches are been released and some are in the process of being released. Security researcher Phil Oester discovered thevulnerability after repeated attacks on his servers. The security community dubs the vulnerability as Dirty COW. The vulnerability was known to the attackers for some time now and been exploited. This flaw was rated as high severity and not critical as this is a local privilege escalation flaw.