List of Top 5 Face Recognition and Detection API Services

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List_of_Top_5_Face_Recognition_and_Detection_API_Services List of Top 5 Face Recognition and Detection API ServicesFor many web giants like Facebook and Google, face detection and recognition is one of the most significant modules in AI systems. Reportedly, the face recognition market was nearly USD 3.85 billion in the year 2017 and is expected to grow at USD 9.78 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 16.81 percent.

Here top 5 Face Recognition and Detection API (Application Programming Interface) Services define how the face recognition market is growing rapidly. Google Cloud Vision- If an application runs on Google Cloud engine, it will be very easy to blend Google Cloud Vision into the application. Google Cloud Vision has the power to identify multiple faces within an image along with major characteristics like emotional state and usage of headband by the person.

Microsoft Face API- Microsoft Face API assists the developers to spot similar faces and match them, and organize face images into similar groups to cluster them. Face API also enables developers to recognize previously tagged people in images that can lead to security and internet applications. The Microsoft Face API offers face verification as a service that can be used to check the possibility of two different faces to be the same person and submit a score.

IBM Watson Visual Recognition- IBM Watson Visual Recognition is a very influential and trusted industry-scale application which can be used in many computer vision applications. It has the ability to precisely and quickly tag, classify and train on vision data or datasets using Machine Learning.  In the early part due to some developments, IBM disabled features that could help developers to identify the name and type of the person given the image but the engine still remains a very dominant place to train state of the art facial recognition and detection applications

Kairos- Kairos is a company specializing in face recognition and detection. Unlike other APIs, Kairos particularly delivers face recognition solutions and hence is one of the best Face AI solutions in the world. Kairos has innumerable face analysis features such as face detection, identification, and verification.

Amazon Rekognition- Amazon Rekognition backed by AWS Cloud services is another giant in the face recognition space. Amazon Rekognition is the easiest way to add features relating to image or video processing into an application, particularly if an application running on AWS Cloud. The service can identify faces, people, and activities among many other things once given image content. Amazon Rekognition is well-liked for its facial analysis service. It has a fairly accurate facial recognition engine that works on many sorts of images and videos also. The developer can use this service to develop application features that can authenticate users, count the number of people and create public safety applications.