Litmus Partners BCG on IoT Offerings

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Litmus-Partners-BCG-on-IoT-Offerings Litmus Partners BCG on IoT OfferingsLitmus Automation, an enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform provider, and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), an American multinational management consulting firm, recently on Tuesday, Jan. 8th 2019, announced entering into a partnership agreement to join forces on IoT offerings. BCG’s services and Litmus Automation’s platforms combined together will help customers adopt Industry 4.0 trends in automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, and offer deep insights to help customers better their businesses by gathering valuable and real-time data.

BCG’s strategic IoT consulting and Gamma business unit, have the potential to deploy advanced analytics solutions helping businesses with their core processes transformation. Litmus Automation with its industry dominant IIoT platforms, namely the LoopEdge and LoopCloud platforms, aid in acquiring and utilizing manufacturing data from disparate sources. Through their partnership, customers can benefit from a complete IIoT platform solution for data collection and structuration.

According to Olivier Bouffault, partner and managing director at BCG, the reason why BCG entered into partnership with Litmus even though the IoT platform market is crowded with vendors is because most of those vendors only offer partial solutions for manufacturing IoT, whereas Litmus offers a complete, simple and pragmatic solution that combined with BCG’s expertise make way for new opportunities in developing integral manufacturing analytics solutions.

And according to John Younes, co-founder and COO at Litmus Automation, the pathway to realizing business value from IoT investments is full of uncertainty. Working together, BCG and Litmus can offer clients a path to successful Industry 4.0 adoption from concept to completion.