Livongo Gets CMS Approval As An Enrolled Provider For Medicare Advantage Members

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Livongo_Gets-CMS-Approval-As-An-Enrolled-Provider-For-Medicare-Advantage-Members Livongo Gets CMS Approval As An Enrolled Provider For Medicare Advantage MembersThe Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) has approved the leading chronic disease management company Livongo as an enrolled provider for Medicare Advantage members. The company’s new designation, Livongo’s diabetes management offering will begin this June to Medicare Advantage members of Cambia Health Solution regional health plan. In a statement, Livongo CEO Zane Burke said that we are extremely excited to share that Livongo has received CMS approval as an enrolled provider. Completing this process is a significant differentiator for Livongo and represents our commitment to delivering the highest quality services to the Medicare Advantage population.

Moreover, Burke added that this is another example of the value of Livongo’s partnership with Cambia as we continue to work together to expand our solutions in a way that is most beneficial to our Members. To date, Cambia reaches approximately 70 million Americans across the US, including more than 2 million people in the Pacific Northwest who are enrolled in regional health plans in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Cambia Health Solutions’ SVP of health care services and chief medical officer Dr. Cheryl Pegus noted in his statement that Livongo’s CMS enrollment is another great step in our co-development partnership, and the Cambia team is excited for our regional health plans to expand these offerings to the Medicare Advantage population. He said consumer-focused solutions for our members and their families encourage their well-being and highlight our integrative capabilities to simplify the member journey.

Currently, the Livongo solution is available to eligible members of Cambia’s regional health plans. The company’s expanded Medicare Advantage partnerships, including with Cambia’s regional health plans, enable Livongo to offer these Members a new experience regarding how they manage chronic conditions.