Loctek to showcase its Smart & Ergonomic Workplace solution at the CES 2019

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Loctek_to-showcase-its-Smart-Ergonomic_Workplace_solution_at_the_CES_2019 Loctek to showcase its Smart & Ergonomic Workplace solution at the CES 2019Loctek, a leader in ergonomic workspace solutions, will be showcasing its newest ergonomic products, which include a gaming standing desk and the new V10 desk bike, at the Consumer Electronics Show –CES 2019, to be held on Jan. 8th -11th 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company will offer the attendees a look at the future of the digitalized workspace.

At the CES event, Loctek’s Intelligent Spaces will be the company’s highlight. By taking the company’s height-adjustable standing desks up a level, the new ergonomic and intuitive workstations offer an intelligent sit-stand-move experience on integration with a smart cloud-enabled, space-sensing operating system.

According to Lane Shaw, Loctek CEO, the company thinks its smart sit-stand-move solutions are an integral part of employee lives, routines, and enjoyment. The company’s new digitalized ergonomic workspaces are a win-win solution for both companies and individuals, and with the integration of IoT, the company enables its clients with a more connected and smart sit-stand-move experience. Adding further, Shaw says that, the company’s sit-stand-move solution is one of the many ways Loctek shows its dedication and commitment to help improve employee health, provide a sense of satisfaction and increase work productivity.

Leveraging the IoT tech in an attempt to take the sit-stand-move experience to next level, Loctek’s new intelligent workspaces include both, cubicle management and individual health management. The company’s cubicle management system records and analyzes anonymous workspace utilization data, providing the company with meaningful insight into real-time workspace allocation. The system paired with the Loctek app delivers an intuitive workstation helps better management of physical workspace and lowers cost, and also looks into delivering employees with a flexible, healthy and connected workspace, along the way.