LogicMonitor Introduces Container Monitoring Solutions For Monitoring Containerized Applications

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LogicMonitor_Introduces-Container-Monitoring-Solutions-For-Monitoring-Containerized-Applications LogicMonitor Introduces Container Monitoring Solutions For Monitoring Containerized ApplicationsThe leading SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for Enterprise IT, LogicMonitor has introduced two solutions, Kubernetes container monitoring, and LM Service Insight, for monitoring effective microservices and containerized applications. As noted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation survey, 40 percent of enterprises are operating Kubernetes in production. These containers form a dynamic environment that is hard to monitor. Hence, LogicMonitor addresses these challenges by coupling robust Kubernetes monitoring and long-term data retention into one integrated platform.

LogicMonitor’s event-based Kubernetes monitoring Excludes the need to have an agent on every node; automatically appends and removes cluster resources from monitoring; Provide extensive performance and health metrics at both the cluster and application level; Offers insight on underutilized resources, including CPU and memory for maximum optimization.  On the other side, LM Service Insight offers service-oriented monitoring, allowing the dynamic grouping of resources that support a standard application, service or cluster collectively into one coherent group, while still offering visibility into the underlying resources. LM Service Insight empowers DevOps teams to assure better availability and performance of services and applications, perceive historical service performance and lessen alert noise. Additionally, service topology is automatically generated and presented alongside monitoring and alerting data. Thus, to aggregate data across transient containers and better comprehend overall application performance over time, businesses can practice Kubernetes container monitoring and LM Service Insight collectively.

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, with offices in Austin, Texas, London, China, and Singapore, LogicMonitor provides hosted monitoring for the complete technology stack, including storage, networks, servers, applications, containers, virtualization, and Cloud in a single, unified solution. It combines built-in monitoring, alerting, and graphing for all devices located in the data center. LogicMonitor is transforming the approach IT infrastructure is monitored with its Cloud-based, highly automated, and easy to deploy the solution.