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Long Due Google Newsstand Updated

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Long-Due-Google-Newsstand-Updated-300x129 Long Due Google Newsstand UpdatedAmong the Google’s family of android apps, Google Play Newsstand is one of the most neglected ones. However, it is finally getting some attention that will help it gain the ground in the race with other Google apps. “The Briefing” a collection of relevant articles that lead the news cycle based on your location and interests will be available from version 4.0. For You, Library, Explorer, and Read Later are the navigation bar buttons were been provided for the convenience of the user. Users can find trending topics and more categories while accessing the search bar. In order to provide a more personalized experience, Google is peeking into your browser uses as well.


Customized alerts were also provided based on your topics that the user chooses to read more. These customized alerts can be enabled and disabled depending on the needs of the user. Any magazine that the user have subscribed will continue to appear in the app.


To take another look at the Google Newsstand this update can be the key. Despite many new features, I have a feeling that you might not be flabbergasted from the performance. As of now, the app is available on APK Mirror and Play Store in process of rolling out the app as well.