Longview announces New Line-Up of IoT Products

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Longview-announces-New-Line-Up-of-IoT-Products Longview announces New Line-Up of IoT ProductsLongview IoT, an Austin, Texas-based comprehensive IoT solution provider, as per recent reports last week, has made significant new contributions to its current comprehensive IoT solution, which also includes an enhanced version of their Longview IoT LoRa gateway.

The enhanced IoT LoRa gateway, with its multiple frequencies support, ensures seamless coverage all around the world. Based on compatibility with a wide range of sensors, and indoor environment design considerations in mind, the new gateway is an ideal choice for a growing list of enterprise IoT use cases.

“The Longview IoT Solution is the only complete, end-to-end IoT solution engineered specifically for enterprise scalability, security, reliability, and performance,” states Brad Bush, Managing Director, Longview IoT. “These additions to our product portfolio build on Longview IoT’s mission of making IoT easy, accessible and secure for all enterprises worldwide.”

The company’s traditional IoT offerings, delivering comprehensive and technologically superior IoT solutions, include interoperable sensors, gateways, cloud analytics, and pre-configured industry-specific applications for simple installation. The company, lending a helping hand, assists companies to reduce their costs and increase efficiency with its IoT solution. With this new IoT product lineup, Longview will now be able to strengthen its position in enterprise IoT and emerge as a leader.

The enhanced Longview IoT Gateway, with its increased power output and support for both the 800 MHz and 900 MHz frequencies, can now cover several additional regions, which include Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The gateway also assists companies in North and South America.

The Longview IoT Gateway – a wide-area networking device – enables LoRaWAN (long range wide area networking) connectivity for sensors and other IoT components.