LOST THE THRILLS: claim Facebook Users


LOST_-THE_-THRILLS-_claim_-Facebook-_Users-300x156 LOST THE THRILLS: claim Facebook UsersAmerican consumers’ outlook toward Facebook appears to be cooling down, based on the results of a Pew Research Center survey released recently with 42percent in rough out of 4,600 participants to respond to the May poll indicated that they have taken several weeks away from checking the platform. With approximately 68 per cent of adults in the United States alone use Facebook, suggested by a survey roughly 75 per cent of participants in that poll indicated their access daily more particularly several times a day.

According to a statement made by Michael Jude, program manager at Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan, Facebook’s probably has been losing subscribers for a number of reasons- Firstly its demographics – with the crowd with Facebook great success moving into new things, and longing for newness. Facebook always was a fashion in the past, pertaining to the baby boomers who accepted it, but probably are now in search for the better establishment to the ‘newer is better’ crowd is sceptical. Facebook usage in the 18-24 age group falling by 5.8 per cent, pertaining to eMarketer, estimates the company to lose 2 million under-25age users this year.

Secondly, the government is beginning to notice Facebook not very secure with the government asking military and other government occupations to drop Facebook as it may lead to disclosing sensitive information to bad actors. With nearly 54 per cent of respondents aged 18 and up adjust their privacy settings; perhaps one-third aged 65 or more are able to adjust their settings proclaiming a risk. 44 per cent of users aged around 18-29 and 12 per cent aged 65 or more deleted the Facebook app on their phone. 9 per cent of users removed personal data from Facebook and 79 per cent of those users adjusted their privacy settings altogether.

Presuming that Facebook’s leadership not popular these days, cautiously letting users know how information is being shared doesn’t work at this point states Nucleus Research Principal Analyst Barbara Peck.