LTE for IoT Mobile Devices

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LTE-for-IoT-Mobile-Devices-300x161 LTE for IoT Mobile DevicesSome of the advanced modems for mobile devices are made by Qualcomm. And Qualcomm is in the process of tuning them to work with battery-powered devices by lowering the power and performance improvement. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi being common features already now its time for LTE.

Video streaming and playing online games are apiece of cake for the LTE network, but they also encompass the communication range of devices. In the process, though they drain the battery pretty quick. The new modem MDM9207-1 announced last year and available now is a dedicated cellular chipset for IoT battery powered devices. Qualcomm will incorporate the modem into one chip eventually. The real challenge is to support the verity of LTE standards used around the world.

The MDM9207-1 has an ARM cortex-A7 application processor, Bluetooth 4.2, supports 802.11ac and Global Navigation Satellite System.

Qualcomm said,” The new chipset will be used in smart lights, tracking systems and energy meters etc. This will provide adownload speed of 10 Mbps and 10 years of battery life with just 2 AA size batteries.

According to AT&T IoT can be used to Data transfer between IoT devices and wearable devices using Cat-M which they are gearing up to make available.