Lyft scales up Security on its Platform to ensure Rider Safety

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Lyft-scales-up-Security-on-its-Platform-to-ensure-Rider-Safety Lyft scales up Security on its Platform to ensure Rider SafetyLyft, a San Francisco, California-based transportation network company, as per recent reports last week, has added two new security features to its platform, in its bid to enhance rider safety. The two new added security features comprise continuous background checks and enhanced identity verification.

As per reports, Lyft drivers must pass a criminal background check, before accepting a pickup. The San Francisco-based ride offering platform is scaling up its background check process, expanding it to include continuous criminal monitoring. With this continuous check, Lyft can keep a keen eye on the day-to-day activities of its active drivers, with immediate notification of any disqualifying criminal convictions. Furthermore, the drivers who do not pass both the annual and continuous screenings will be barred from the platform.

The series of background checks that Lyft will be doing continuously on individual drivers include a social security number trace, a nationwide criminal database search, a country court records search, a federal criminal search, along with a US Department of Justice 50-state sex offender registry search.

As per strict guidelines designed by Lyft, all active drivers on the Lyft platform must pass another background check at least once every 12 months, to retain their operational status on the platform. As per reports, Lyft’s policing bars drivers whose background check includes violent crimes, sexual offenses, and other disqualifying felonies.

Apart from these continuous background checks, Lyft also announced a new, enhanced identity verification process, which tallies a driver’s license and photographic identity to prevent identity fraud on the platform.