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MacBook Pro Or Microsoft Surface which Is Better?

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MacBook-Pro-Or-Microsoft-Surface-which-Is-Better-300x129 MacBook Pro Or Microsoft Surface which Is Better?To say the least, the new Touch Bar equipped MacBook Pros have been polarizing. Some talked about the Pro’s function keys replaced by the OLED Touch Strip while others talked about the power and performance is deficient despite the high price tag in the new 13 and 15 inch models. Microsoft believes that the Surface lineup of models stands benefits. More people are swapping to Surface from MacBook mentioned the company in the year-in-review blog post on Monday. The mishmash of enthusiasm for the innovation of Surface-coupled with the dissatisfaction of the new MacBook Pro and the company’s trade-in program for MacBooks is at its best. Almost daily, a review with recommendations for switching to Surface from MacBook is being posted. Microsoft was organizing a better publicity offer for MacBook trade-ins this year. Mac users can avail up to $650 for exchanging their Macs.


The Pro has its fair share of positive press as far as the review goes. Except for the high price tag all other features are been appreciated by one or the other reviewer. The topic which lineup is more popular can be put to rest once the Mac vs Surface sales figure for this holiday season is out.