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Maestro, Visual Data-Preparation Software From Tableau

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Maestro-Visual-Data-Preparation-Software-From-Tableau-300x129 Maestro, Visual Data-Preparation Software From TableauVisual data preparation software code-named Project Maestro’s plan has been announced by Tableau while moving into the data-wrangling business. Dan Jewett, Tableau vice president of product management said Maestro would make the data preparation a breeze. The idea is to get the identical sort of “self-service” visualization to the cleaning and prepping of data as they’ve built for data analysis. Maestro will be available later next year. Joining, inspecting, and editing data were shown by Jewett in a short demo.


Several company executives placed product roadmap for Tableau data analysis over the next year, in the conference’s opening session, including:


  • Pre-built suggested dashboards from cloud services, comprising combining data from multiple services. With four services, this will start next year: Eloqua, Salesforce, Quickbooks, and Marketo.
  • Natural-language queries – Tableau is targeting for true natural speech, not merely being able to type in questions that require using exact functions and field names.
  • Speedier data import and analysis – Tableau’s new data engine is, based on Hyper-technology that it acquired earlier this year. This new technology should make it considerably quicker to import and analyze large data sets with Tableau.
  • Recommended analyses so Tableau would advise visualizations and other analysis built on your data set.
  • Data governance that allows businesses to verify trusted calculations and content and share useful calculations made in one workbook with all users on the company’s Tableau Server.