Magic Pony might be Twitter’s key to better video processing

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Magic-Pony-might-be-Twitters-key-to-better-video-processing-300x129 Magic Pony might be Twitter’s key to better video processingTwitter has acquired Magic Pony a London-based firm which devised a new technology that will improve video clips by filling the patchy areas using machine learning. The idea is to feed the database with a lot of video clips and the algorithm will do the rest. Although the result is not perfect every time but it is good enough to fool the human eye.

Magic Pony is specialized in machine learning i.e. the built-in AI is used to improve the output from the computer. Machine learning is at the core of everything that Twitter built. Considering how much money and effort Twitter has put into live video processing, its interest is not unforeseen.

Jack Dorsey, CEO at Twitter said’ “Magic pony has renovated machine learning technologies for visual processing”. Magic Pony might just be the boon in disguise for Twitter to reduce the cost of streaming live videos significantly, he added.

Dorsey also said, “We value deep learning research to help us make the world better”.

Magic Pony mentioned in a post that they are thrilled to join force with Twitter & use their technology to improve the visual experiences that are delivered across the Twitter app. It will be wrong to say that Magic Pony has hardly dipped their toes in this new tech, it will be exciting to what the future will be like.