Make your home smarter with Mesh DIY Tags

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Make-your-home-smarter-with-Mesh-DIY-Tags-300x129 Make your home smarter with Mesh DIY TagsNowadays a lot of everyday equipment are getting smarter, one can connect their Smartphone to the equipment and control it. Some even notify you when the tax assigned is completed. But this doesn’t come with an affordable price tag.  Mesh DIY Kit is the answer to this problem. It consists of a bunch of small wireless tags that can be attached to equipment’s to make them a little smarter. Takehiro Hagiwara designed this kit so that he won’t miss alarms anymore.

These tags are basically sensors to capture data and informs accordingly. For instance, motion sensor attached to your door will inform you when the door opens, a temperature and humidity sensor will tell you when your room is too cold or too hot. “The Mesh DIY Kit will bring your home to life”, said Hagiwara.

The good part is you do not need any kind of coding knowledge to use this product. Mesh DIY Kit can be used on a Smartphone or Tablet. The app has a simple drag and drop interface. All you have to do is to drag and drop one of the seven different kinds of tags available to the sandbox and start assigning a task to it.

The tag is about a little smaller than a credit card and is easy to manage. Although there is not much of a price difference from other IoT tasks, but it has much more value for money.