Management Consultancy Giant Accenture Introduces Artificial Intelligence-Powered Solution For Elderly

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Management_Consultancy-Giant-Accenture-Introduces-Artificial-Intelligence-Powered-Solution-For-Elderly Management Consultancy Giant Accenture Introduces Artificial Intelligence-Powered Solution For ElderlyGlobal management consulting and professional services firm has introduced a revolutionary new project, named Memory Lane, which utilizes a distinctive conversational Artificial Intelligence to address the challenges of elderly loneliness. The new project is being used by Accenture Interactive and Stockholm Exergi, one of Sweden’s largest energy suppliers offering an innovative social solution that enables people, especially the elderly, to capture unforgettable stories for the upcoming generations, with companionship.

Memory Lane, engaging with people through a smart speaker, allows a conversation by inviting someone who is lonely to tell their life story that might never have been told earlier. Once Memory Lane has captured the whole discourse, as per the report, the discussion is transformed abruptly into both a physical book and a podcast. Quite simply, the new project co-writes a story by human and machine that can be shared by participants with future generations. Nordics chief creative officer at Accenture Interactive Adam Kerj stated that when people experience little to no social interaction over extended periods of time, it can cause a sharp decline in their mental and physical health. In the two years we spent developing the software and the concept of the platform, we observed the urge to share stories by lonely participants was incredibly strong. To this end, we not only wanted to develop something that could hold a human-like conversation with them but also capture those memories so they didn’t end up untold.

The technologists at Accenture Interactive Innovation Center in Sophia Antipolis started out working on the Memory Lane project 2 years ago. As part of the project, the voice assistant can ask personal questions and comprehend the correlation between different answers that triggers germane follow-up questions. The Memory Lane assesses the previous conversation on a daily basis to get to the heart of the topic and to generate a memory graph, a virtual and structured version of a person’s memory.