Many obstructs finds on the path of Broadband deployment in Tribal areas

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Many_obstructs_finds_on_the_path_of_Broadband_deployment_in_Tribal_areas-300x200 Many obstructs finds on the path of Broadband deployment in Tribal areas
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Over one-third of Americans residing in the tribal area where lack of high-speed internet service. However, to provide high-speed internet access together with low-cost service, the two federal agencies, the Federal Communications Commission and the Rural Utilities Service have stepped forward to funding for that area.

A report from the GAO (Government Accountability Office) explained that the agencies provide a huge funding to enlargement of broadband infrastructure in tribal areas along with where the service cost is high. The report also stated that less than 1 percent of total funding has gone directly to the tribal-owned broadband suppliers to expand broadband service. But, there are issues with tribal leaders that they are not able to understand the languages which included in federal grant applications which make the project harder to complete that process.

Other obstacle includes the insufficient time between the declaration of the project and the due date for applications. After this emerging hurdles, the Broadband Opportunity Council, a syndicate of federal agencies and departments suggested that agencies to utilize all available and appropriate authorities to recognize and address regulatory barriers that could hinder the broadband deployment.

Thereafter, the Rural Utilities Service said that they hadn’t acted any official assessment that has created barriers for tribes to apply for federal funding, despite limited resources. To sort out the barriers, the GAO report suggested that Rural Utilities Service employ any steps to tackle the identified barriers which thwart tribes to attain federal grant funds for broadband deployment on tribal lands.