MCU Student Builds A Mobile Device Cover To Bring Health Applications Into Sterile Surgical Field

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MCU_Student-Builds-A-Mobile-Device-Cover-To-Bring-Health-Applications-Into-Sterile-Surgical-Field MCU Student Builds A Mobile Device Cover To Bring Health Applications Into Sterile Surgical FieldA medical student at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine has introduced the first device-specific, fully FDA-complaint product, named CleanCase sterile mobile devices cover. Developed with investment from Red Cedar Ventures and Quantum Medical Concepts, the CleanCase cover enables surgeons to safely bring mobile devices into the sterile surgical field. It utilizes patented technology allowing medical professionals full mobile device functionality without compromising patient safety.

According to the reports, the medical student Zondervan at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine comes with the idea when helping during an operation. The CleanCase sterile mobile device cover combined established operating room techniques and latest technologies which utilize a removable sleeve through which the device is passed. Once the mobile device is secured in the device-specific case, the sleeve is removed, and the case is closed to use. The case is built by rigid plastic which features a touchscreen face and a passable camera window, making the mobile device fully functional, secure and easy to manipulate, especially through gloved hands. On this development, Chief Executive Officer at SteriDev, LLC, the Lansing-based medical device company, Rob Zondervan said that the CleanCase is a first-of-its-kind product that will empower physicians to use the best and latest medical technology on their mobile devices, without ever compromising patient safety.

Zondervan continues that health care mobile applications are developing at a remarkable rate, and in the hands of a great physician, they can make a real difference in the care of patients. Currently, mobile applications are improving the delivery of health care in non-sterile settings. The CleanCase mobile device covers expand their usage into sterile environments so surgical patients can also benefit, he added.