Meditech Expands EHR Subscription Offering With Its MEDITECH-as-a-Service

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Meditech_Expands-EHR-Subscription-Offering-With-Its-MEDITECH-as-a-Service Meditech Expands EHR Subscription Offering With Its MEDITECH-as-a-ServiceMassachusetts-based software and Service Company For healthcare organizations, Meditech has announced that its MaaS (MEDITECH as a Service) is now available to community health systems. Initially, it offered to Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), but now larger community health systems have the opportunity to use MaaS and the several advantages that come with a cost-effective subscription to MEDITECH Expanse, Meditech’s next-gen web-based platform.

Meditech’s MaaS is a Cloud-based EHR subscription (Electronic Health Record), which offers health systems with full access to Expanse. It specifically aimed at reducing the intricacy and cost of procuring, hosting, and maintaining a cutting-edge EHR system while advancing efficiency and assuring quality patient care. MaaS is a striking choice for organizations facing several challenges within the current healthcare space. According to the reports, one of the most noteworthy aspects of MaaS is a streamlined deployment. By utilizing best practices, community health systems will be capable of going LIVE with Expanse in an accelerated timeframe.

MaaS offers community health systems with an opportunity to hit the right balance between autonomy and maintainability. Expanse’s interoperability cuts down the difficulty of switching over data with other systems and provides organizations more control than other hosted vendors. In a statement, Meditech Executive Vice President stated that MaaS represents a meaningful step in driving EHR access and adoption for organizations of all sizes. “The cloud-based EHR subscription service equips organizations with the technology needed to improve organizational efficiency and ensure quality patient care, he added.