Mercy commercializes PACS for mid-sized hospitals on cloud

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Mercy-_commercializes_-PACS-_for_-mid-sized_-hospitals_-on_-cloud-300x200 Mercy commercializes PACS for mid-sized hospitals on cloudInnovative health system’s technology services have combined best-of-the-best enterprise viewer, VNA, speech recognition and more into its SaaS model.

With Mercy Technology Services in IT division of St. Louis-based health system, developing a new cloud-based imaging platform it is commercializing the technology for other hospitals adoption aiming to help hospitals in efficiency pertaining to image processes, replacing the outdated and far-flung PACS systems and to provide accurate results for radiologists without spending long hours in tracking down imaging reports or switching between stations.

Cloud-based PACS opens a window towards big-time savings and cost efficiency towards cash-strapped hospitals, to cut its imaging costs in half. With Mercy, operating in 40 hospitals of various sizes across four states with their own imaging platform with the help from MTS in distilling 9 legacy PACS systems into a single hosted technology platform.

With the system combining server-side image processing from Visage, there will be a workflow orchestrator from Medicalise and speech recognition from Nuance which helps radiologists at the health system in decreasing turnaround time for reports by 50 per cent.

Now, with the latest sample of commercialization and hosting IT systems for other hospitals, MTS is ready to offer PACS as a service either bundled or by the component to hospitals located across the country. Hoffman publicized that, PACS is an efficient and affordable platform for the development of results and cost reduction in regards to Mercy’s efforts in the innovation of its technology and workflows.