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Meta Plans For AR Instead Of Flat Monitors

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Meta-Plans-For-AR-Instead-Of-Flat-Monitors-300x129 Meta Plans For AR Instead Of Flat MonitorsMeron Gribetz founder and CEO of Meta plans to make their employee desks without a monitor. The company’s augmented reality glasses will be provided instead of the conventional monitors for the employees to manage regular tasks and e-mails. Gribetz believe once you get used to the futuristic way of working, switching from flat monitors to 3-D objects will make sense and he is determined to accomplish this goal by March of 2017. He admitted the fact that in the first few months there will be a decrease in productivity but after that, the productivity will increase rather effectively.


Upon putting on Meta’s glasses one can see virtual objects superimposed onto the real world and can be controlled using gestures. Meta’s Glasses can be pre-ordered for $949. Headsets from MagicLeap and Microsoft are also manufacturing the similar type of headsets. In process of making people, more productive Meta appears more focused than its competitors. A neuroscience study shows if gestures are involved in the everyday working of the employees then their efficiency increases. Dispensing information around a person in space, and needful that they use physical gestures to cooperate with it, engages parts of the brain that sit idle when you’re working with a flat window, Gribetz said.