Metro Credit Union closes in on COCC for Core Banking Platform


Metro-Credit-Union-closes-in-on-COCC-for-Core-Banking-Platform Metro Credit Union closes in on COCC for Core Banking PlatformMetro Credit Union, a Chelsea, Massachusetts-based cooperative, member-owned and controlled financial institution, as per recent reports this week, has squared in on Connecticut Online Computer Centre (COCC), a Southington, Connecticut-based provider of enterprise processing solutions to financial institutions, for providing the core processing and digital banking software.

The core processing platform – Insight – that is hosted by COCC, is based on Fiserv’s DNA offering and targets smaller banks and credit unions in the northeast of the US. COCC, which has its roots dated back to 1960s, claims to be “the fastest growing financial data processing firm in the US”.

Explaining the credit union’s decision to go with COCC, Robert M. Cashman, president and CEO of Metro, says that COCC’s “strong culture and reputation for excellent customer service” played a key role for the union to choose them. “There is great alignment between the organizations in terms of strategic direction and desire to innovate,” he adds.

Traci Michel, SVP operations at Metro, also highlights the Connecticut-based COCC’s “tightly integrated solutions” as an advantage.

Metro credit union is already in the completion of its initial phase of a multi-year project, wrapping things up, to make “major strategic investments” in upgrading its technology infrastructure.

With the involvement of over 100 Metro employees, to square in on a new core system and digital banking systems, along with debit and credit card processing systems, the union is now planning its next phase, where every Metro employee will be involved, as the Massachusetts-based cooperative converts its systems and brings in new technologies.