Microsoft And Cisco Propose Ideas For A Biometric Privacy Law

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Microsoft_And-Cisco-Propose-Ideas-For-A-Biometric-Privacy-Law Microsoft And Cisco Propose Ideas For A Biometric Privacy LawNetworking Hardware Company Cisco and Tech firm Microsoft have proposed their ideas for biometric privacy. The tech giants’ proposal has come after the state of Illinois passed a Biometric privacy bill last month, where a person can claim damages when their fingerprint is used without consent.

In that consent, the Cisco proposal noted that ensure interoperability between various privacy protection regimes. This could threaten GDPR. Avoid fracturing of legal obligations for data privacy through a uniform federal law that lines up with the emerging global consensus. It means gelling compound levels of law systems, like state national into one, where a violation would go through only one level of a lawsuit. Reassure users that enforcement of privacy rights will be robust without any cost and redundant litigation. Litigation is expensive for individuals and more so for corporate, this can make it less expensive for the corporations. While, according to a Bloomberg report, Microsoft is lobbying for a federal bill on facial recognition in Washington. In a statement, Microsoft President Bradd Smith stated that Opening up the software for third-party testing is one of the key parts of the bill. If the Washington bill is passed, it will have an effect on companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and any other companies that utilize personal data with a consumer base over 100,000.

However, Cisco and Microsoft are supporting federal privacy bills would sound like good news, but it’s not. If a company is supporting a new federal privacy bill, it would be aimed to offer flexibility to that company on how the regulations are set regarding data collection and usage.