Microsoft and Shell Team plans to build AI into Gas Stations

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Microsoft_and_Shell_Team_plans_to_build_AI_into_Gas_Stations-300x169 Microsoft and Shell Team plans to build AI into Gas Stations
Microsoft and Shell are partnering on a specific project to implement Artificial Intelligence tools in gas stations on how to drill more efficiently using AI and bust people who smoke at Gas Station. Here the Shell stations will be equipped with video cameras that send frames in to the Microsoft Azure cloud to tap AI that alerts the station manager to identify if someone is smoking, an inner device in the station makes to run Microsoft’s cloud intelligence program in identifying people smoking cigarettes breaking the safety concerns at the Gas station.

Daniel Jeavons, general manager for data science at Shell said that “Each of our retail locations will be equipped with at least six cameras that captures something in the range of 200 megabytes per second of data that is to be uploaded into the cloud”. Our team is also planning to build AI into certain areas at Shell like that of drilling sites and refineries to predict maintenance of mechanical parts at certain times by raising an alert for employees to fix or replace them. These new possibilities that work with data over the last few years enabled to unlock the amazing opportunities in all aspects that were not easy to do before, with the instrumentation that we have on these large and complex machines.