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Microsoft Announced AIO Surface Studio

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Microsoft-Announced-AIO-Surface-Studio-300x129 Microsoft Announced AIO Surface StudioThe territory once ruled by Apple is been charged by Microsoft’s Surface Studio with a lovely and massive display, elegant design and an eye-popping price tag. The company has priced the base model at $2,999 including a 6th-Gen Core i5 Skylake CPU, 8 GB of memory, 1TB hybrid storage and Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M 2GB GPU. While the top end will have a 6th-Gen core i7 CPU, 32GB of memory, 2Tb of storage and Nvidia GTX980M GPU with a price tag of $4,199. Apart from the gorgeous 4500×3000 Pixel Sense display and slim profile, there is another feature that will make heads turn, the ability to pivot. The All-in-one desktop can pivot to about 20 degrees off the horizontal for the artists to be more comfortable to sketch. The display offers an sRGB and DCI-P3 color settings, individually color calibrated. The only drawback though is there is no way of adjusting the height of the monitor.


The Surface pen, Microsoft Keyboard and Sculptmouse in the same gray color as the studio will be included in the package. The mouse and keyboard provided with the studio though are not off very high quality. The mouse is kinda flattish and the keyboard is similar to the Surface Pro series detachable keyboard.