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Microsoft Announced New Windows 10 Updates

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Microsoft-Announced-New-Windows-10-Updates-300x129 Microsoft Announced New Windows 10 UpdatesWith the new beta build of its operating systems released on Monday, Microsoft is giving the users more control over windows 10. The build permits folks with the Windows 10 Enterprise, Professional and Education versions of the software to defer new updates for up to 35 days. In addition, the company will allow those users to decide whether or not they want to contain driver updates when they want to update Windows.It is a move that aids respond to one of the key reproaches of Windows 10: that Microsoft’s regime of forced, cumulative updates has caused trouble for users with some configurations. In this process, the users can keep clean of the updates they don’t want to install till and dodge challenging driver updates. The Windows 10 with the build release the newly minted update changes are just one part of the improvements.


Using Cortana Microsoft is putting effort on making the initial Windows 10 setup more accessible. The virtual assistant can ask users questions during the setup. They can speak languages that it can understand and implement those answers in order to configure the devices. This build boxes in a ton of other updates, including front-facing alterations like provision for putting tiles in folders on the Start menu.