Microsoft Announced Windows Holographic For PC

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Microsoft-Announced-Windows-Holographic-For-PC-300x129 Microsoft Announced Windows Holographic For PCWindows Holographic is going to be available for the users with an upcoming Windows 10 update. This move from Microsoft is aimed to balance the physical and digital reality on PCs. Terry Myerson, executive VP of the Windows and device group mentioned at a developer forum in San Francisco that the Windows Holographic is going to be available with a software update in 2017. Intel and Microsoft are working in unison to provide minimum hardware specification for the upcoming Holographic Headsets and PCs he added.


Either overlaying digital object on physical world or physical object into virtual reality is what Microsoft calls mixed reality is what the company intend. Though the later has been achieved by the company but for new hardware to work with mixed reality the company is working with manufacturing partners. The major expansion of the Holographic will be interacting with mixed reality content, virtual reality content and Windows 10 apps with the PC powered VR headsets, which is currently available with the HoloLens only. The news saying Intel and Microsoft are working together on project Alloy which uses sensors to real objects into virtual reality wildfire the Windows Holographic announcement. Hardware makers can build their own Alloy headsets with the open source set of specifications that Intel is going to provide.