Microsoft Canceled The February Security Update Dose

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Microsoft-Canceled-The-February-Security-Update-Dose-300x129 Microsoft Canceled The February Security Update DoseDespite saying the security updates will be only delayed, security updates for February targeted for the Windows and its other products including the Office were been canceled by Microsoft this week. Patch experts toil with the conclusion, indicating out that known susceptibilities will go unpatched and that IT planning had been disrupted. The users were expecting the patch to be released next week. The company said in a statement they have encountered an error that might impact some of the users and failing to resolve it in time they have canceled the update. Skipping a month’s update slate was exceptional.The reason that prompted the delayandcaused the expansion of that into the month’s cancellation was not been disclosed by the company.


The rumor that a single defective patch had abandoned them all actually made little sense. Office patches are delivered distinctly from those addressing vulnerabilities in Windowssaid Chris Goettl, theproduct manager at patch management vendor IvantiWednesday.The experts settled on the fact that the cancellation of February’s updates will disturb Windows customers, but not on the extent of the disruption. Security researchers have said, some defenseless systems may be negotiated by exploits of now-known vulnerabilities said the experts.