Microsoft Cloud’s Ballyhoo about its Strong Revenue

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Microsoft-_Cloud’s_-Ballyhoo_-about_-its-_Strong_-Revenue-300x164 Microsoft Cloud’s Ballyhoo about its Strong Revenue Microsoft has reported with a strong revenue growth in its first fiscal quarter of 2019. The company is ballyhooing about its Azure cloud platform. However, there has been a sequential decline in some of its cloud segments, setting an interesting report period against its rivals like Amazon and Google.

Microsoft and its management have led to the robust results releasing from the cloud business, which also includes the Azure cloud platform. And yes, actually they have resulted in showcasing robust growth in the cloud sector.

Either way, it is still observed that this growth rate met with its perks when considering cloud-related businesses with what the company was boasting about. To explain this in a better way, let us just consider the commercial cloud revenues of the quarter, they have shown an increase of 47 percent year over year with 8.5 billion dollars currently. Subsequently, there was a downfall from the previous 53 percent.

Lastly, there was an overall increase of 76 percent on Azure revenues this year over the previous year, whose growth was less than 89 percent. Microsoft has posted this in its fourth fiscal quarter last year. With the lowest seen year after year in comparison with all four quarters of its fiscal 2018, at present, they are witnessing less growth.