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Microsoft Discontinuing The Skype Wi-Fi Service

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Microsoft-Discontinuing-The-Skype-Wi-Fi-Service-300x129 Microsoft Discontinuing The Skype Wi-Fi ServiceAs of March 31, Microsoft is discounting Skype Wi-Fi according to a report earlier today. According to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) for Skype users will not be able to download the Skype Wi-Fi application after that date. And for those who are already using the Skype Wi-Fi application will no longer be able to create hotspots from March 31. Those with Skype credits are advised by Microsoft to use it towards calling landline numbers and mobiles. In order to put better effort towards core Skype featureexperience, the company is cutting the Skype Wi-Fi support globally.


Back in June 2015, Microsoft officials confirmed Microsoft Wi-Fi, the service that is supposed to be replacing the Skype Wi-Fi. The company hasn’t yet said a word regarding the Wi-Fi hotspot business, is it just the Skype Wi-Fi or the complete business that is supposed to be closed. Even the coming soon message for the Microsoft Wi-Fi on the Microsoft website is now no more showing. With Microsoft officials considering the job cut that the employees experienced last year to be consolidation from Microsoft. Skype Wi-Fi permits users to go online using Skype Credit through more than two million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.