Microsoft Expands Its Virtualization Portfolio, Announces Azure IoT Edge Support for VMs

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Microsoft-Expands-Its-Virtualization-Portfolio-Announces-Azure-IoT-Edge-Support-for-VMs Microsoft Expands Its Virtualization Portfolio, Announces Azure IoT Edge Support for VMsMicrosoft, an American multinational technology company, in a recent blog post statement, on Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2019, announced support for Azure IoT Edge on virtual machines. With this new capability, Microsoft expands its support for virtualization platforms, which includes VMware vSphere and Hyper-V. These virtualization platforms, enables customers to run Azure IoT Edge on Windows platform and a variety of Linux distributions or containers.

The general availability of Azure IoT Edge was announced in June 2018. The comprehensive service enables IoT devices to respond to events, without the need for real-time access to the internet. Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge service targets local machine learning models to perform anomaly detection and predictive maintenance tasks. Furthermore, Microsoft also demonstrated that the Azure IoT Edge embedded drones were apt at recognizing gas leakage in gas pipes and predicting equipment failures before them actually happening.

As part of the company’s Azure IoT Edge support announcement, Microsoft partnered VMware, to enable a simplified deployment experience for VMware vSphere. According to Chris Wolf and Daniel Beveridge, from the office of the CTO, VMware, who expressed their views on the Microsoft partnership, the two executives on an official VMware blog post wrote that the company’s customers are demanding to decouple cloud services from cloud data centers to meet the networking, security and scalability requirements. Adding further, their blog expressed that oftentimes a chunk of legacy application can greatly limit an application, as it hampers the parent application’s integration ability with a bunch of cloud services.