Microsoft _extends_ is _services_ for_ 2008

Microsoft extends is services for 2008 versions of Server and SQL Server

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Microsoft-_extends_-is-_services_-for_-2008_-versions-_of_-Server_-and_-SQL_-Server-300x160 Microsoft extends is services for 2008 versions of Server and SQL Server
Microsoft _extends_ is _services_ for_ 2008
The Windows Server 2008 service date is extended to January 2020 and SQL Server 2008 in July 2019. Yes, this means that Microsoft is now extending its support to customers for more three years to enable migrating their workloads to Azure cloud services.

The extension of the date by Microsoft will support the migrate into Windows Server 2008/2008R2 servers with virtual machines into Microsoft Azure. This will continue providing patches and updates until then. It is named as “Azure Hybrid Benefit” by Microsoft which allows on-premises licenses for transferring workloads into Azure and extending support for three years. This will give associated companies ample time to plan their migration workloads to the latest versions provided, ideally Windows Server (2016 or 2019) and SQL Server (2016 or 2017).

Support for the 2008 versions of Server and SQL Server was scheduled to be ended but it has been extended to Jan. 14, 2020 and July 9, 2019. So this gives a chance to its customers to move these workloads into the Azure cloud, this will be providing them with three extra years of support without any extra cash charges, besides the cost to be paid for Azure service.