Microsoft gearing up for Windows 10 Anniversary release

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Microsoft-gearing-up-for-Windows-10-Anniversary-release-300x129 Microsoft gearing up for Windows 10 Anniversary releaseMicrosoft windows 10 Anniversary Update is just outside the door. With the launch of 14366 build the company gestured a temporary stop to Windows 10 update release. Microsoft released the Beta build of its operating system this Tuesday for the Beta testers to find bugs that can be fixed before the full release.

Microsoft will be releasing a series of quests, available for only the Windows insider Public, which will escort them from end to end of the process of finding bugs over the next 4 days.

There will be 2 type of quests ‘limited’ those only stick around for 24 hours and ‘advanced’ for which computer setting need to be tweaked. Those who will take over the advanced quest will be responsible for their own machines. Microsoft clearly mentioned that earning a badge is not for weak hearts. Even though this process will allow Microsoft to test bugs for the new release on a wide verity of hardware environment, one can still find a few bugs in the final release.

Before this bug tweaking process, Microsoft has added a quite a few fixes such as French users can now be able to download this version, users can now be able to access privacy settings again. And some additions like an extension for Edge and update for windows store for performance improvement.