Microsoft Healthcare Unveils New Cloud And Artificial Intelligence Products For Healthcare Centers

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Microsoft_Healthcare-Unveils-New-Cloud-And-Artificial-Intelligence-Products-For-Healthcare-Centers Microsoft Healthcare Unveils New Cloud And Artificial Intelligence Products For Healthcare CentersTech giant Microsoft is expanding its healthcare offerings and unveiled three new Cloud and Artificial Intelligent products. The new products are the latest move toward Microsoft’s larger healthcare ambitions, looking to place the company as a partner and platform for other players in this sector. The new products are vital development since Microsoft officially established its health-tech efforts under Microsoft Healthcare last summer.

Microsoft’s new products include Microsoft 365 for hospital teams- Doctors need secure, compliant programs to converse with their teams in real time. But Corporate VP at Microsoft Healthcare, Peter Lee said that in reality they often utilize sticky notes, consumer messaging apps and team huddles. So, the company has added capabilities to Microsoft Teams, its rival to collaboration tool Slack, to aid healthcare organizations to communicate in a secure and compliant way. Azure API for health record sharing-Microsoft has built an Azure API to assist health systems to chat with each other. By developing a secure Cloud API platform which utilizes the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) format, the tech giant aims to unleash a wave of healthcare data services developed on Azure.

And the third, Microsoft Healthcare Bot- Launched as a research project in the year 2017, the Microsoft Healthcare Bot is both an off-the-shelf service and a platform for deploying health-related bots. The Bot comprises a built-in sign checker and can recognize medical terminology. One obvious application for the Bot is to triage patients, but hospitals aren’t the only target customer. For instance, Premera Blue Cross developed a conversational bot for users to look up the status of their insurance claims and get precision on their benefits.