Microsoft introduces OneDrive and SharePoint features with new AI ability

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OneDrive is covering in status behind Dropbox and Google Drive by an in-depth edge. Now, Microsoft will be eager its new features assist to close the gap. The company is bolstering OneDrive and SharePoint with new AI capabilities to face out from the competition, together with searchable video transcripts.

The chief new accumulation is that video and audio content will be automatically transcribed and can be searchable for ease of access. For folks that produce loads of clips, the ability to look for the right file by what was aforementioned will be an extremely enticing proposition.

Google brought the same AI-powered feature, last year, for its photos service that automatically identifies the content of a picture and tags it consequently for easier discoverability later.

Moreover, Microsoft proclaimed its own version of Google’s feature last month that not solely identifies objects and extracts text from a picture, however, conjointly works to see wherever it absolutely was taken. The feature is anticipated later this year.
A further AI-powered feature coming shortly is file recommendations wherever the content you frequently share with precise contacts is surfaced to hurry up the procedure.
Microsoft_introduces_OneDrive_and_SharePoint_features_with_new_AI_abilty-300x166 Microsoft introduces OneDrive and SharePoint features with new AI ability
Businesses are making and storing an ever-increasing quantity of digital content and Microsoft’s feature shows how AI will step in to form life easier managing it. The faucet feature in Word 2016 and Outlook 2016 will employ AI to suggest content stored in OneDrive and SharePoint supported the context of what a consumer is functioning on.