Microsoft launched Planner app

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Microsoft-launched-Planner-app-300x129 Microsoft launched Planner appMicrosoft the IT giant launched a new app called Planner start rolling out from 6th June. Office 365 subscribers can use this web-based tool to plan & share business & project objectives. Subscribers can assign tasks, add to-dos for colleagues and share files once the plan is created. It’s a lightweight project management tool similar to Trello.

No specific action by Office 365 admins is required all eligible subscribers will see the planner tile appear on the Office 365 app launcher. Unlike Microsoft Project app which is aimed at experts of project management, Planner users do not necessarily need expert knowledge of planning.

“The app is an easier to use version of Project. Our company is using it for a verity of different purposes including employees to create plans for what they are doing and creating plans for events”, said Alison Magyar, CEO at Dynamic Events, the company that tested the beta version.

The company is working on a data visualization and business tool aimed at people having no or little knowledge of Data Analytics is named Power BI. There are also development tools aimed at people without coding knowledge, develop simple apps for the success of their business.