Microsoft Launches AI Business School To Strengthen Business Leaders To Effectively Implement Artificial Intelligence

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Microsoft-Launches-AI-Business_School-To-Strengthen-Business-Leaders-To-Effectively-Implement-Artificial-Intelligence Microsoft Launches AI Business School To Strengthen Business Leaders To Effectively Implement Artificial IntelligenceTech giant Microsoft has introduced the AI Business School, a free, online course, is a master class series, aimed to empower business leaders design and effectively deploy an Artificial Intelligence strategy within their organization. Its course materials ranging from brief written case studies and guides, plus videos of lectures, to perspectives and talks that busy business leaders can access in small doses when they have time.

The Corporate Vice President for AI marketing at Microsoft stated that its AI Business School is non-technical and designed to get executives ready to lead their organizations on a journey of AI transformation. The company’s AI business school complements other AI learning initiatives across Microsoft, such as the developer-focused AI School and the Microsoft Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence that offers skills for the job and real-world experience to engineers and others seek to boost their skills in AI and Data Science. The School follows the lead of similar instructional guides of the AI Transformation Playbook from Andrew Ng. In the AI Business School, course content will focus on four key areas of strategy, culture, technology basics, and responsible AI. And courses will include tools for things like evaluating a business’ AI maturity level to understand what’s needed to effectively execute AI.

The Microsoft’s AI business school announcement came out after a week of the release of a survey of business leaders in the United States and Europe commissioned by Microsoft, where the survey asked leaders on their plans to deploy AI and about corresponding investments being made in areas like motivating workforces. The AI Business School recommends businesses to observe cross-sectional teamwork and ensure employees in every layer feel empowered to raise their voice about approaches where they can use AI in their own jobs.