Microsoft Outlook’s new Watch Face for Android Wear

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Microsoft-Outlook’s-new-Watch-Face-for-Android-Wear-300x129 Microsoft Outlook’s new Watch Face for Android WearMicrosoft the IT giant announced a watch face that offers users an ironic experience of Outlook for Android Wear after the launch of Outlook for the same in April of this year. The previous outlook applications for Apple Watch and Android Wear will need you to open the app to check details, but the new app will show you the day at a glance such as Day, Date, Time & upcoming Calendar event in default mode. In case there is no Calendar event in next 12 hours it will show you the recent e-mails.

Once you lift your arm, you will notice the Outlook Watch Face which you can interact with. The cool thing is that the colors you set for events in your Calendar will appear the same on Watch Face. You can tap the desired event to view details and can scroll to see the following ones. A quick note can be sent to the meeting attendees in case you are running a bit late.

Nowadays usability alone is not going to make you a fortune, keeping this in mind Microsoft has added a few touch of personalization and provided with a few Watch Face Backgrounds Colors and Accent Colors to play with.