Microsoft plans to launch surface laptop 2 (Black Version) next month

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Microsoft_plans_to_launch_surface_laptop_2-300x201 Microsoft plans to launch surface laptop 2 (Black Version) next monthSurface Laptop that is currently available in a variety of colors is available now. Surface Laptop 2 will come up only in the black variant in the upcoming model will be launched in the early days of the next month as per the reports.

This black version variant would make its way to the market with all new upgraded models likely Surface Laptop and the Surface Pro models. Black was used by Microsoft on the original Surface RT model launched in October 2012 where the company made a switch to the silver variant in the next generation. This new version laptop also comes up with other hardware upgrades are expected as well apart from black version.

Hardware upgrades expected are most likely to be CPU improvise, memory and storage expansion, where Microsoft may also launch further refinements in terms of display and input. Surface Laptop may come with in-built USB-C as a port.

Microsoft’s expects Surface Laptop as the more conventional laptop that comes with a traditional form factor but not forming a 2-in-1 approach. It is also equipped with some cool features like the touchscreen for touch input and S Pen for the Surface Dial.

As it’s a device aimed at the education market, it comes with Windows 10 in S Mode which can be later upgraded to Windows 10 Pro at no extra cost. The launch of the laptop is going to take place in the next few weeks in a Microsoft Event.