Microsoft purchases prime land in Phoenix, Arizona to build World-Class Data Centre Facility

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Microsoft-purchases-prime-land-in-Phoenix-Arizona-to-build-World-Class-Data-Centre-Facilities Microsoft purchases prime land in Phoenix, Arizona to build World-Class Data Centre FacilityLast year, in 2018, Microsoft grabbed around 260 acres of prime land in Phoenix, Arizona for about $48m. The speculations were then in the industry that Microsoft is planning something big at these sites, probably a data center facility.

As per recent reports, all those data center speculations have been confirmed true. Microsoft purchased for itself land at two locational sites in Goodyear, Arizona where the Redmond, Washington-based technology giant intends to build “world-class” data center facilities, to support its online cloud business.

This year, in Feb. 2019, the City Council voted to approve a development agreement with a self-certification process.

In addition to this, Microsoft reportedly purchased an additional 147 acres of prime land near its other project south of Interstate 10 and the Phoenix Goodyear Airport for about $37m. Although the Goodyear city officials have not disclosed anything on this new revelation, and have decided to remain tight-lipped on this, speculations are that the new data center facilities would be called PHX-10 and PHX-11, as per the site plans.

Ongoing reports suggest, one of the facilities is already scheduled for the phase I development, and although there is no such information on the other facility, speculations are that it’ll be scheduled shortly.

As per the site plan, the first site will span 244,666 sq ft including 3,165 sq ft of office space, and the second will be span 242,678 sq ft with 1,939 sq ft of office space.