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Microsoft Pushes Battery Issue Fix For Surface Pro 3

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Microsoft-Pushes-Battery-Issue-Fix-For-Surface-Pro-3-300x129 Microsoft Pushes Battery Issue Fix For Surface Pro 3A firmware has been pushed by Microsoft for the second battery issue that has been affecting the Surface Pro 3 devices. For devices with LGC batteries, the update meant to address battery problems experienced by some with Surface Pro 3, which the officials didn’t make much out of. Microsoft had pushed a fix for the matter and made it accessible via Windows Update said Greg a Microsoft Surface Team Forum moderator. The acknowledgment of the second battery issue came after the first issue was fixed with a firmware. Some users with the LGC batteries in Surface Pro 3 has noticed a degradation in batteries after the August fix was provided by Microsoft. A battery FAQ for the Surface Pro 3 was also been published by Microsoft. A restricted number of Surface Pro 3 users who have discovered that the battery in their device can no longer hold a charge, and it appears as if the battery capacity has weakened.


The full charge capacity will be auto corrected over a few cycles of charging and discharging once this fix was applied. According to the FAQs Surface Pro 3 devices which were been installed with the earlier solutions regarding the battery-discharge matters are suggested to install this November update, as it substitutes the previous ones.