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Microsoft To Make Hardware For Quantum Computing

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Automobile-Users-Are-Agreeable-Pay-For-Data-Enabled-Services-300x129 Microsoft To Make Hardware For Quantum ComputingAs Microsoft is looking towards the future of computing, the company has accelerated its efforts to make a quantum computer. The company is now looking forward to manufacturing actual software and hardware after researching on quantum computers for more than a decade. Todd Holmdahl, involved in the development of HoloLens, Xbox and Kinect was been made the lead the process of manufacturing software and hardware for quantum computing. In addition, four university professors were also been appointed by the company to contribute to the process. Supercomputers nowadays can be outperformed significantly by quantum computers in theory. A universal quantum computer that can conduct a wide range of calculations and run all the existing programs is the ultimate goal. Quantum computing research is been done by other companies like D-Wave, Google, and IBM. IBM researchers are targeting to manufacture hardware in order to solve certain problems as they believe universal quantum computers are decades away.


Microsoft has to create quantum circuits in order to tackle issues such as fault tolerance, error correction, and gating while testing its hardware designed for quantum computers. When the company will announce quantum hardware, remains a question. However, it is anticipated that once a particular number of issues are solved the quantum hardware will be released.