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Microsoft To Provide Support For The Touch Bar In New MacBook Pro Lineup

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Microsoft-To-Provide-Support-For-The-Touch-Bar-In-New-MacBook-Pro-Lineup-300x129 Microsoft To Provide Support For The Touch Bar In New MacBook Pro LineupMicrosoft didn’t provide any timetable for the several changes it showed that will support the Apple’s MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar in its Office Suite. Several examples of the Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint incorporating support for the new Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro 2016 was offered by the lead of the Office 365 client application team, Kirk Koenigsbauer. He said based on what you are doing in the document the Office Suite will put the most common and desired commands at your fingertips through the Touch Bar. Some examples are also been provided by him that are the same as the keyboard shortcuts already available.


For example, in Outlook, the bar will display the latest retrieved documents to add as attachments to email messages while in Excel, typing an “equals” sign will display the most freshly used functions on the bar. For the new MacBook Pro notebooks rolled out on Thursday Touch Bar was the biggest feature. The Touch Bar is a thin screen located at the place of the conventional function buttons on top of the keyboards, which were there previously. The Touch Bar will adapt to the active application and the Apple’s library of gestures. At one end of which the company has incorporated a touch id fingerprint sensor for authenticating online purchases and logging in.